Motor, Transmission and Cooling

Diesel Exhaust Overall

Diesel Exhaust 1

Diesel Exhaust 2

Engine Fresh Water System

Heat Exchanger

Fuel Pump and Filter

Fuel Tank Installation

Yanmar Engine Bed

Shifting Linkage

Prop Shaft

Prop Shaft Alignment

Packing Gland Coupling

Prop Strut

Strut Bedding

2 Responses to “Motor, Transmission and Cooling”

  1. sgallagher says:

    Diesel Exhaust overall – is giving error
    Prop shaft is a broken link (the is a ‘o’ infront of www in the ur)

  2. Davlyn Freitas says:

    Further clarification for users trying to open Prop Shaft link: simply remove the initial ‘o’ from the url bar before ‘www’.

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