2006 Catalina 38 Nationals Results

2006 Catalina 38 Nationals

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The Catalina 38 National Championship Regatta was held September 16 and 17 at Shoreline Yacht Club of Long Beach. Two boats, El Gato Grande from Marina del Rey and Macavity from Santa Barbara did not make it to the line because of last minute problems leaving a relatively small but highly competitive field of 5 boats. Three different boats won one of the 5 races of the regatta.

Saturday saw winds as high as 32 knots for most of the 3 races.  Don Weimer’s Bilbo Baggins was doing well in the second race when a 32 knot puff caused a bad round-up. Bilbo Baggins sustained damage to their rig, ending their regatta.  At the end of the day, Joe Degenhardt’s  Lickety Split held a narrow one point lead over defending champion  David Epstein’s Super Star.  Larry Maimberg’s Hassle held a two point lead over Steve Orton’s Santa Susana in the battle for third place.

Sunday’s two races were held in lighter conditions of 8 to 16 knots. Clearly Steve Orton’s Santa Susana from Oceanside was more at home in these conditions. They came back with a remarkable first and second for the day, clinching third place. Lickety Split won the 5th race and the championship.

Dan Paracchini’s race committee from Shoreline Yacht Club ran a flawless regatta. The combination of near perfect sailing conditions, excellent race committee work and a warm friendly reception from Shoreline Yacht Club led to a clubhouse full of happy sailors. Everyone involved vowed to be back next year.

The Results:

Boat Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
Lickety Split 2 1 1 2 1 7
Super Star 1 2 2 3 3 11
Santa Susana 5 4 4 1 2 16
Hassle 4 3 3 4 4 18
Bilbo Baggins 3 7 7 7 7 31


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