Miles River Storm (Sept 2011)

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Storm on the Miles River, MD in route to St. Michaels, MD. (Sept. 2011) Some good video of this trip if you're interested:

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  1. David John Bliss says:

    Lilyte #173 is moored at Manly , Brisbane , Queensland , Australia… From the story i can gather is that she sailed out from the States probably in the late 1980,s by 2 young Californians . Lilyte had a new 5’3″ keel put on in Sydney to make her better suited to the shoal waters of Moreton Bay . Brisbane . She sails very well to windward and has burnt off a few larger craft once ‘sheets are cracked’ . The original Atomic 24 hp diesel is still going well . I have moved the original pedestal mounted 2 lever motor controls to a single lever control on the starboard cockpit side .

    I also shifted the mainsheet traveller just ahead of the slidding hatch to facilitate a traditional removable doder with clears that links up to a new cockpit bimini with drop down blinds .

    The factory ‘poo tank / grey tank i removed from the yacht and i had a gutsy sound system installed with some ‘meaty’ outdoor speakers .

    I have owned the boat only 16 months and i am most impressed with its design , construction, and sailing ability .

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