Inner Forestay Installation

submitted by William Auger, owner of FAT CAT


I used 5/16-inch wire and stalok fittings.

The Recommended Catalina Drawing









I modified the lower end to attach to the anchor locker bulkhead (photo 2) with 3/8-inch U-clamps and backing plate at bulkhead and turnbuckle for adjustment.

Photo 2


The Sta-Lok Fittings

The Desk Hardware - A wichard double deck fitting for rig and sail attachment.

Unit folds flat when not in use. The turnbuckle has folding handles to turn and lock. The mast fitting (not shown) is a ball and socket fitting located three feet from mast head. (Any further down would require running back stays) A halyard block is also mounted just below the stay and halyard run internal.


The inner forestay pulled over to the starboard lower shroud with a small turnbuckle so it is out of the way when not in use.

I obtained all of the hardware through “Rigging Only”, a massachusetts mail order house. I discussed it with him at one of the local boatshows. They have a catalogue (508) 992-0434. I’ve tried the system out once at the end of last year with a reefed main and 100% hank-on in 24 knots, the boat was well balanced and 6.5 knots upwind. We rolled up the 150 genoa and rigged the inner forestay in three foot seas with no problem. It’s nice being five feet from the bow on sure footing.

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