Catalina 38 Tech Drawings

NOTE: A SPECIAL THANKS goes out to Max Soto who contributed more than SIXTY of the diagrams to the Spec area! He managed to obtain this treasure house from Catalina and then carefully stored and scanned them for us! Thanks Max!

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  1. Dave says:

    Are there issues with Firefox and access to the Tech Drawings details? When I attempt to access this section (and others), I am asked for my password and then directed a WordPress/Catalina 38 Dashboard site.

  2. Charles Finn says:

    Yes there is a problem! Anders is fixing it as I write. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Richard Grassia says:

    I need some electrical advice. My boat “Merriconeag” hull# 138 has about a 2amp drain in the engine compartment. I think I should replace the trailer type harness with a bus bar. Also, possibly replacing the ammeter with a volt meter. I have to switch the engine battery switch to off when I shut the engine off or the battery will drain power. Help.

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